The Usage Tracker COM Object

This java application (COM Dll) was developed as a requirement for a fourth year course in software engineering at the University of British Columbia in the department of Computer Science. This application was developed by four students including: Philip Henderson, Laszlo Hollander, Steven Mah, and William Chau.


The documentation available for this is sparse, but basically, here it is in a nutshell:

The purpose of the usage tracker was to track any set of events that a user might perform throughout the use of an application. The usage tracker will be created as a COM (Component Object Model) application that would be registered with the computer as an add-on to any other application. For instance, the usage tracker could be added to Microsoft Word to record the number of times a user uses the save, open, close, spell check, format, italics, underline, or other functions. The useage tracker would be called from within the application by the application programmer, that is to say, that the usage tracker is to be used as a component of another application.

Another example of how the usage tracker could be used is with the View Info application discussed on previous pages. This application uses the usage tracker to keep track of the number of html, asp, php, cfml, gif, jpeg, or other types of links within an HTML document in Internet Explorer.

The documentation available for this project includes:

A description of the component

design documentation (Class diagram)

an API for the code (Created with Javadoc)



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