The Distributed Database System


Limitations of our design:

One main limitation of our design is that if the users of the client applications did not know about each other, it is possible that they could assign themselves the same name when creating a NameContext object on the nameserver for their objects and classes. This could be changed so that every client is registered with a NameContext object on the NameServer using the IP address and port number of the Client.

Another limitation of the design is the fact that the three applications in the system are made aware of the correct classID's to add to the capabilities through a hard coded className to ClassID registry (the ClassID class). This means that whenever a new class is added to the system, every application (client, nameserver, DBServer) must be provided with a new version of this file to work properly. If this classname - classID association was performed dynamically at run time, it may be difficult to maintain concurrency or accuracy of the information, due to issues that are similar to those with distributed clock systems.



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