The environmental monitoring web application software was developed by a team of nine students over the course of three months at UBC for a course in software engineering. This project was sponsored in part by a local environmental consulting firm named Envirochem Services Inc. (North Vancouver, BC, Canada). This software was developed with Apache Server, using php and javascript as the scripting languages, with a MySQL database.

The application is a web based environmental monitoring data recording system. This software is designed to be used by engineering consulting firms, small single site industrial operations, and large multi-site organizations. It is the multi-site capabilities of this program that make this product unique from others like it.

Key features of this system include:

Strong security system (standard encryption techniques, SSL),

Ability to build user specific queries

Add/edit/delete Labs, new sites, sample points, sample types, units, measured parameters, and new users.

On the input side of the data entry, the system also allows for large data file imports from laboratories.

The system also has the ability to track compliance levels for any parameter, under two different regulation regimes. This allows the user to add the government regulations for sampled parameters for the entire site, but also have company defined internal regulations that are specific to each sample point. This means that if the government has one level of regulations, your company can set internal regulations to be more stringent, to show due dilligence and an intent to maintain a sustainable environment. On doing a data display of all monitoring data records, data out of internal compliance is highlighted in blue, and data out of governmental compliance limits is shown in red.

Multi site capabiliy allows a consulting firm to manage many clients, or a large corporation to manage multiple sites within its organization.


User defined queries allow you to quickly 'drill-down' into your environmental data.


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