As with any e-business application, a major aspect of our application is security. The environmental data monitoring application uses various security measures to ensure privacy and visibility of data to only the right users.

The application uses secure sockets layer with 128-bit encryption. Passwords are maintained with MD-5 encryption algorithms, and loaded pages time out after 15 minutes of use.

In addition to reducing the risk to unwanted hacker attacks, this application has three access levels defined:

general user -can view/query and add monitoring data for the site they are assigned to

Site supervisor -can view/query and add monitoring data for all different sites that have been assigned to them. The Site supervisor can also add sample points, configure internal compliance levels, and add lab information for the sites they are connected to.

Main administrator -has complete control over adding users, new sites, government regulations, sample types, units, and parameters. The administrator can also assign multiple sites to different users depending on their access level.

When a user logs in from the login screen, the application checks their level of access and only shows the functionality associated with that level of access.


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